How Postlingo can make your life so much easier

  • Automatic Translation

    Automatic Email Translation

    Postlingo provides automatic email translation (incoming and outgoing), without requiring any special software or plugins. You just send and receive emails with your preferred software or web service and it gets automatically translated.

  • How it Works

    You set up a simple filter rule in your email account to forward incoming emails to Postlingo. For outgoing emails you can use special email addresses to have those processed as well (there are also some other alternatives). After Postlingo has been set up, it automatically analyzes incoming and outgoing messages, translates them if needed and then forwards them on to the intended receiver.

    How it Works
  • Automatic Language Tracking

    Automatic Language Tracking

    Postlingo remembers the original language of emails you get. When you reply to one then Postlingo will automatically translate your answer back into the original language of the sender. You won't even notice that you are talking to someone in a different language!

  • Human and Machine Translations

    Postlingo supports high quality translations made by human translators, as well as quick machine translations. You decide which one you prefer.

    Human and Machine Translations
  • Lightning Fast

    Lightning Fast

    Machine translations are usually done in under a minute. The translated email will arrive almost immediately at the desired recipient. Human translations can take a little longer, but short emails are often done in under an hour.

  • Over 40 Languages

    Postlingo supports over 40 languages for machine translations and a dozen languages for human translations (full list).

    Over 40 Languages
  • High Quality

    High Quality, Powered by Gengo

    Postlingo uses the excellent translation services of Gengo for its human translations. This ensures great quality and high speed.

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Postlingo is currently in its public beta test phase. Sign up to join and test the service right now!

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