Postlingo Fees

With Postlingo you pay only for what you use. There is no subscription or regular monthly fee. Instead you are charged a small fee when emails are processed for you. How much is charged depends on the contents of the email and on the translation quality you have selected.

Fees are charged in "Postlingo Credits". These Credits must be purchased in advance and are automatically deducted from your user account when an email is processed. The price for 1 Credit is 1$ (USD), plus applicable taxes.

Example Fees

The following table lists some examples for the total fee charged for some typical email lengths. These are just examples - other email lengths can have different fees. See below for detailed information on how the fee is calculated.

Machine Translation Human Translation (Standard)
Short Email
30 words
180 characters
0.02 Credits1 2.11 Credits1
Medium Email
100 words
600 characters
0.04 Credits1 7.01 Credits1
Long Email
400 words
2400 characters
0.13 Credits1 28.05 Credits1

1 One Credit costs one US Dollar, plus value added tax.

Fee Calculation

The fee for processing an email consists of a base fee plus a translation fee.

Base Fee

The base fee is 0.01 Credits. It is charged for each email that is processed by Postlingo, even if it is not translated.

Translation Fee

The translation fee is only charged when the email actually has to be translated. It depends on the selected translation quality and the language and length of the original email. It does not matter what the target language for the translation is.

Note that there are some special cases for emails that contain quoted text or that are sent in multiple formats.

Selected Quality Fee for languages from Group A Fee for languages from Group B
Machine Translation 0.01 Credits per 200 characters 0.01 Credits per 200 characters
Human Translation (Standard) 0.07 Credits per word 0.05 Credits per character
Human Translation (Pro) 0.14 Credits per word 0.10 Credits per character
Human Translation (Ultra) 0.21 Credits per word 0.15 Credits per character

Language groups

The human translation levels have different prices depending on the type of the source language:

Group AWord based languages. This includes most western languages like english, spanish, etc.
Group BLogographic / symbol based languages. This includes chinese, japanese and korean.

Human Translation

In addition to machine translations, Postlingo also offers high quality translations made by humans, powered by the translation services from Gengo. The translators that perform these translations must pass tough quality exams (only about 10% of the applicants are accepted) and quality is constantly verified via spot checks, reviews and feedback ratings. More information can be found here.

We offer three different levels for human translation:

LevelWhat you can expect
StandardAccurate translation of the meaning of your text with a similar style/tone.
ProHigher level of scrutiny with careful attention to tone of voice. Use of subject and purpose specific language.
UltraPro-level translation with an additional review by a proofreader to ensure that style and tone is natural, true to the original, and error-free.

Supported languages

For machine translations we support over 50 different languages with all possible combinations of source and target languages. List of supported languages for machine translation

For human translations we support about a dozen languages. But since human translators are needed, not all combinations of source and target languages can be supported. List of supported languages for human translation

When a human quality level is selected, but the particular translation is not supported for it, then Postlingo will automatically fall back to use machine translation for the corresponding email. Of course you will only be charged for the machine translation in that case.

When a particular translation is not supported at all, not even by machine translation, then the corresponding email is not translated and will be sent out unchanged. No translation fee is charged in that case (but the base fee still applies).

Translation of Quoted Text

Emails often contain quoted text from other emails. Postlingo implements some measures to reuse translations from earlier mails for these quoted texts.

To ensure high quality translations that take the context of your text into account, Postlingo will only reuse translations for quoted text, and only from the same email conversation / email thread. Only complete paragraphs will be reused.

If a matching existing translation for a paragraph of quoted text is found, you will not be charged for the reused translation.

Please note that Postlingo will only store old translations for a certain amount of time. If a translation has been deleted then it cannot be reused and the normal translation fee applies if it is needed again in the future.

Multiple Text Formats

Some emails contain the same text in multiple formats: one version in HTML with enhanced formatting options and one simple version without any formatting.

Postlingo will try to use the same translations for both versions. If that is successful then you will not be charged for the translation of the second version.

However, some email programs create differences in the two text versions that prevent the same translation to be used. In that case some or all of the second version's text may need to be translated from scratch. The normal fees apply to these translations.